Who, What & Why?


Budget Haunter has been founded by Kegan Inman. Kegan co-owned and operated Frightmares Haunted House in Linton, IN for 11 seasons from 2011-2021. Frightmares was a small professional haunted house that was operated as a hobby. Initially, Kegan and his partners actually sold scrap metal to raise the money to start the haunt. With the help of a lot of friends and family, the haunted house came into existence. Every dollar that came in was utilized to maintain the property and construct for the next year. This often lead to budget constraints and the need for extreme creativity to still provide great scares without breaking the bank.

Kegan and his fiancé, Ashley, at the Grand Canyon in November, 2021.


2013 Parade Float for Frightmares Haunted House with Kegan’s 1988 Chevy Caprice Hearse in the Linton Freedom Festival parade.

During the 11 seasons, 1 thing stood out more than anything else in the haunted house industry. Stuff is stupid expensive! Kegan feels that a lot of retailers take advantage of unknowing customers to sell items at a premium that can easily be found much cheaper.

This was how the idea for Budget Haunter came to be. Kegan wanted to bring to market a solution that targets small to medium size haunted attractions. The goal of Budget Haunter is be a source of both resale and manufactured items for use in the haunted entertainment business while keeping items at a price that is affordable to most haunters.

Kegan also hopes to occasionally post blogs, tutorials, etc. that can help fellow haunters create the best possible attractions while maintaining a budget. Kegan is not afraid to recommend products be purchased elsewhere if there is a source that is cheaper than we can get wholesale.

Budget Haunter does utilize some affiliate programs to link to these products so that we can receive a slight commission if a sale is made. This helps to maintain the site and continue our efforts of providing low cost items!


Our mission is to disrupt the haunted entertainment retail industry by providing professional quality items at a price that is affordable for small to medium haunted houses; as well as home haunts and larger operations! We want to provide impeccable customer service that is personalized and ready to meet your needs! Finally, we know that it will take time to grow our available product offerings, we want to not only provide affordable options but also keep pushing the haunted house industry forward with new and innovative ideas that are ready to impress guests in haunts of all sizes!

Kegan’s cat Tater Tot pretending to supervise operations.


There aren’t any tricks here,

only treats!

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